Jerusalem With Kids

When you think about Jerusalem, you remember religious, historical and archeological sites. Furthermore, attractions for children are neither the first nor the second thing that comes to mind. In this Read More

Visiting Tel Aviv Port Market, Israel

New Markets Of Tel Aviv

I already wrote about the “old” Markets In Tel Aviv. They are Carmel Market, Nachlat Binyamin Market, HaTikva Market, and Levinsky Market. Why did I call them “old”? To differentiate Read More

Visiting Eggenberg Palace in Graz, the capital city of Styria

11 Days in Austria – Graz, The Capital City Of Styria

In the morning we visited Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing and then we headed to Graz. We have a day and a half to explore Graz. Let’s start! Map of the area: Read More

Carmel Market and Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv

Markets In Tel Aviv

Today we will be visiting the “old” Markets In Tel Aviv. We will be at Carmel Market, Nachlat Binyamin Market, HaTikva Market, and Levinsky Market. Why did I call them “old”? Just to differentiate Read More