When I was returning from Hai Bar Carmel I passed through Carmel routes viewpoint and decided to make a stop.
From this spot you get a good view at the Haifa bay, the industrial area and Carmel tunnels.

Map of the area:

Note: it was around noon, not the best time to take photographs, the light was very contrasted. Thus, many photographs in these series were converted to black & white.
Carmel routes viewpoint
Panorama view:
Carmel routes viewpoint

On the right you can see a bridge, this is road #4. To the left you can see Carmel Tunnels Control Center and in the far left you can see the sea:
Carmel routes viewpoint
Carmel Tunnels Control Center – northern entry/exit:
Carmel routes viewpoint

Haifa industrial area with Refinery towers:
Carmel routes viewpoint

The same scene a little zoomed out:
Carmel routes viewpoint

And here is a wide view:
Carmel routes viewpoint

Haifa’s Refinery towers:
Carmel routes viewpoint

That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!
For additional attractions nearby see Haifa page.

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