Israel Hiking Maps

Overview of Israel Hiking Maps – Best Paper and Digital Resources

Today we are going to review the best hiking maps of Israel. Let’s begin!

Paper Hiking Maps

Smartphones entered our life not that long ago. And before that, we used paper maps (as you can see from the featured photo, I am still using them).

The benefits of paper maps are clear. You are not dependent on your phone’s battery and the chosen application. And at this point, I want to tell a short story. Several months ago, we did a short hike in Adulam Grove Nature Reserve. Towards the end, the trail turned in an unexpected direction. We tried using standard apps like Waze and Google Maps to verify the taken path, but there was no cell coverage. So if you are planning on using an app, you need the option to download all maps of a specific area in advance. So not everything is fluent. Therefore, if I have paper maps, I will usually use them at least as a backup.

Israel is divided into 17 regions, and each paper map describes that area. You can purchase the hiking maps in almost any bookstore, and there are usually two versions: a simple paper map and a more expensive laminated version. You can also purchase these maps here. Currently, each map costs 89 NIS, and by purchasing these maps, you support the people who maintain the trails.

Israel National Trail

If you plan hiking along or near parts of the Israel National Trail, you can see and download the maps for free here.

Digital Hiking Maps

Digital apps with hiking maps have several benefits. Usually, this option is cheaper. The app can use GPS to guide you, and there can be additional data about POI along the way.

When it comes to digital alternatives, then there are usually two options that I use. The first one is Here is, for example, the interactive map that describes the Red Canyon hike.

Besides the listed website, they also have an app. I use it, and it works well.

And the second alternative is called Its maps are also useful, but I like it less since you cannot zoom in as much as in

What hiking maps are you using? Tell us in the comments below.

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