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Dead Sea Mushrooms is a nature wonder. They are located south of Public Beach #6 by Isrotel Hotel and close to the Dome Dead Sea (expo center).


Dead Sea Mushrooms are located by the Dome Dead Sea (expo center). Here are several photos of the area:

Note: During our latest visit (2024), we stayed at Isrotel Noga Hotel, and I took the photos above from the hotel’s last floor.

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Interactive map of the area:


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Where are the mushrooms in the Dead Sea?

Dead Sea Mushrooms are located south of Public Beach #6 by Isrotel Hotel and close to the Dome Dead Sea (expo center).

Opening Hours

Always open.

Note: there is currently construction in this area. Hence, access may be limited.

Entrance Fee



There is free dirt parking by the Dome. But when construction is finished, it will probably be converted to a paid parking area (as in all other places in this area).

Here are several photos of what we saw when arriving there:

How Deep is the Water by the Mushrooms?

The water level by the northern mushroom is about knee depth. As you continue to the south, it becomes deeper (up to waist depth), and toward the southern end, it is shallower.

What should you bring with you?

There are many sharp rocks covered with salt and many salt formations. Thus, water shoes are a must. Also, since this is an open area, take hats, sunscreen, and water. And I would recommend visiting during the cooler hours of the day (toward sunset or after sunrise).


Dead Sea Mushrooms are a stunning phenomenon. If you are visiting the Dead Sea, I suggest stopping there. Also, keep in mind that the water there is saltier than on the nearby beach. Therefore, if you have any cuts, you will feel them. And after visiting the mushrooms, you can wash yourself on the nearby public beach.

This area has many attractions, and you can see them on the interactive map above.

Have you ever been to the Mushrooms? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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