How to choose a wedding photographer?

איך לבחור צלם לחתונה

How to choose a wedding photographer? Well it is not such a simple question. Not always easy to distinguish between pro Khafra. Today, I, as someone who got married and hired the services of an events photographer and as a professional photographer will share with you my opinion.
Before answering how to choose a wedding photographer Let's see what happens in practice:

Frequently asked questions people ask wedding photographers

  • “How many pictures?” – The amount of images it one of the least important parameters. Today everyone comes with his cell phone and photograph himself and his closest. I have never encountered a case where a fourth-degree cousin asked her some photos provided cameraman. I am, As a customer prefers quality over quantity. If there are two alternatives to wedding photography: a. 400 Pictures, when are 20 Which are excellent photographs or. 3000 Photos and they are not even a good picture, So I prefer the A.
    Do not get me wrong, You should have at least one photo of each guest, But there is no point in doing thousands of images. The amount does not become quality.
    also, The more photos, You will need to spend more time in selecting albums. And the more photos the less chance you have gone about the future ever.
  • “What camera does the photographer use?” – There are advantages of advanced cameras. But these important advantages in certain niches photo. Sports photography is important, for example, good image quality at high ISO and a large number of frames per second (fps). But wedding photography does not matter ISO capabilities as users of lighting (flashes, Studio Lighting, Reflectors). Does not matter if the camera can do 3 Fps or 12 Fps. Master will provide better results with moderate priced at camera 3,000 That”H (including lens and flash) than Hafar with a premium camera and professional lenses whose price can easily pass 20,000 That”Eighth. It is important to understand more advanced equipment gives more options, But it depends on the image if he can take advantage of these options.
    As the photographers say: “The man behind the camera makes the picture”. And as a photographer I would add that one of the least pleasant things at work is when someone tries to compliment you and says something along those lines: “Your camera makes good pictures.”
  • Gimmicks – Some people like all kinds Gimkim and ask, for example on wedding photography with a skimmer. Or the camera Soar. in brief, Left you nonsense. If you have extra money you donate it (you also can move me 🙂). By extension means gimmicks squeeze more money from you without proper compensation. When you snap a wedding ever with a skimmer then you will know that it will work transitions (short videos that other transitions between scenes in the film). Namely the use of a skimmer is a number of short videos up 10-15 S to be included in the final film. Now answer the question: Are you willing to pay at least 500 That”H. (bring especially another person with equipment) for a number of sections of 10-15 Seconds? And did not mention the issue of safety. Only recently one young South Haolmim suffered from a drift and taken to hospital.

Why then people ask questions and not predict the quality of the photographer. Well composite portrait exact science and art. The art is difficult to ask, is difficult to judge and hard to understand something answers. Beyond that, Most couples have no professional photographers. But the technology is easy to ask. What camera do you have? How many megapixels? … come on, I would ask the mega pixels only if the intention to make a poster size of at least several meters.
So anyway,

How to choose a wedding photographer?

  • Man – Yes, This is not a typical tip, But I think the most important. When I say man I mean two aspects: 1. Would you comfortable working with him and 2. are you Trust It. Do not just answer these questions therefore always meet with the photographer, And talk with him before the wedding.
    I hear a lot of advice such as: check that filming has another camera, Or make sure made a backup of all photos. come on? What's next check that it has enough batteries. These questions show that you do not trust the photographer will do its job. If you do not trust, Do you hire him. That there will always be another way to Big Lfkss. I once saw a wedding photographer in the middle with girls went to start, But he had enough batteries.
  • Slavery portfolio – This filtration step. You meet with the photographer only if the love of his portfolio. So why not put your portfolio first place? You have to understand Portfolio page works best photographer. 20-30 Photos from thousands. Ie Portfolio shows the Top but not the average. And most of the pictures you receive will mean. Beyond that, Even people who do not know how to shoot every Mtflk. Therefore, it is important portfolio, but do not expect that every photograph you receive will be the same quality as the photos portfolio.
  • Or (Time and lighting equipment)- Photos of the event itself are fairly standard and most photographers do similar things (Canopy, Guests and atmosphere). Photographs before the event has much more leeway bigger. Find out what location and what hours the photographer suggests if there are no constraints. And the emphasis is on shooting time.
    Why? There photography concept: golden hour. Means hours of sunrise and sunset time. As before / after sunset / sunrise due to the angle of the sun light “soft”, Flattered taking people. So if you do outdoors photos, A professional photographer will prefer to photograph these hours. Photo out at noon and the shade will contrast with images (contrast) strong, Something that flatters the face.
    We mentioned time (golden hour) and lighting equipment now. When filming with enough light, It is better to add extra lighting if only for the sparkle in their eyes. Most simply: Flash. Ask if the photographer uses flashes or other additional lighting even in daylight. And watch out for photographers say they use only natural light. Usually they say that that does not know how to work with lighting.
  • image processing – Most photographers events in the country is not doing image processing. why? This process takes a lot of time and customers are not ready to pay for it. but, Yet sometimes there is no choice. Imagine a situation where a group photograph, managing director 20 man. The photographer did three pictures, But every single photograph of the guests closed the eyes. Convey someone's head another image will take approximately 10 minutes in Photoshop. But whether the photographer or anyone on his team knows how to do it? I would suggest some pre-close images are processed manually and several attempts have. That is if you request a particular image processing and love it, Did you do further processing? Is this extra cost?
  • Several photographers – Let's talk now only stills, Video I'll dedicate an entire part end. First of all it is important to understand that even if you take a package of several photographers, Other photographers will only event. Bridal salon and shoot out will come only photographer. So why should other photographers? If there are many guests photographer will not be able to shoot them all. This raises the question of whether you really want to shoot all 1000 The guests? Usually the bride and groom will say: “Yes, Unpleasant people still come”. So they will pay extra as long as 1000”Another report on the photographer and close the story. Only important to understand that if you pay extra 1000 That”Report shoot, The photographer will receive 200-300 That”Eighth. In other words, do not expect another photographer to have had years of experience and international awards in the field of wedding photography.
  • Other details– It is important to close the schedule after the wedding. Schedule an initial delivery dates include images, moving images after processing and printing of albums.

Wedding videography

Let's start from the end, In my experience very few couples ever looked at the video from their wedding. So first of all answer for yourself whether you want video?
If you have decided since then it is important to understand which video you want and how it will affect the price. There are several options:

  • Videos length Exile Event – Namely full length video 3-4 Hours. Filming the entire event, Then add in the beginning the studio's opening video and give you a disc. In this case the video does not pass any processing, So this cheapest option. But no one has the patience to see full length video, So throw the disc from far and recollect more.
  • Video summary – Someone sitting and watching all the raw material from multiple cameras, Editor that provides you with a video with some effects one hour or less. The more likely you will see a shorter video, But you have to pay over. Prices can range, But I would say that at around 1,000”This report is not expensive.
  • Clip – Video of a few minutes with the appropriate rhythm music and photos. Do not just make a good clip even experienced over can take several days to create clip. So the price will not be cheap, Environments 2,000 – 3,000 That”Eighth.


And finally how big is the damage? The price usually starts from 3,000 for a single photographer (and canvas)”As begins) and can reach up to 12,000 For the team 4+ people. In most cases you will have to pay 6,000+ For wedding photography. But, we must remember that there is always a connection between quality price.
So hopefully at least a little bit how to choose a wedding photographer. If you have questions, Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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