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צילום של בקבוק יין

Today, Further post on צילום תכשיטים, Talk about photography products. I chose the product in order to post not just, A product that can make a lot of problems due to reflections: a bottle of wine.
I also mention that if you are looking for a professional photographer, Please feel free to contact me
I took home with two flashes. One on the left is directed through a white umbrella and one on the right is directed to the ceiling. Here's one of the frames directly from the camera:
צילום של בקבוק יין
Why one of the frames. Because I knew at that moment I did not have enough equipment and then I will have to combine several frames. But we'll get it.
 Here is the same bottle of wine after we have made photography Burning, Ie separated from the bottle and replaced the background a solid color background:
צילום של בקבוק יין
I did not want a bottle of wine will be black. So did another photograph that I put the bottle behind the flash and camera direction. And here is the result of merging the previous image with a backlight photography:
צילום מוצרים
Add shadow bottle:
צילום של בקבוק יין
And after a little more retouching we get the final result:
צילום של בקבוק יין
Here is a view of the steps in the abstract:
צילום של בקבוק יין
Photo bottle of wine was a nice challenge for me To. It may seem simple, But the opposite is true. To get professional results have a lot of experience and a good eye for details. Only for the purpose of this photograph did at least twenty frames. Every time a small change angle lighting and other location of gobo. For example, the challenges include: writing should be clear and legible, and will not a reflection of anything undesirable (and not just with each object is like a mirror, Unless you use a light tent).
This is today. If you have questions about the photography products you are welcome to contact me Or leave a comment below.

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