Western Wall, Jerusalem

Weekend In Jerusalem

My wife loves Jerusalem in winter. According to her, it is gleaming with its true colors. Moreover, it is not too hot, and since we both have our birthdays in Read More

Hanukkah Tour in Jerusalem

In recent years Hanukkah Tour in Jerusalem became popular. While in 2016, there was one type of Hanukkah Tour, in 2017 there were already four different tour types. In this Read More

Southern And Northern Ramparts Walk (Walls Promenade) In Jerusalem

Ramparts Walk photographed guide starts with basics (map, how long, tickets, opening hours, when to visit), and then goes through both walks. Let’s begin! Note: sometimes Ramparts Walk also called Read More

Old City Of Jerusalem

The Old City Of Jerusalem is not large. It is a 0.9 square kilometers of walled area. And I visited the Old City at least two dozen times. Nonetheless, during Read More