Nahal haShofet (the Judge’s Stream)

Nahal haShofet (the Judge’s Stream) is located in the east of the Menashe Heights, not far from Yokne’am. Its a 7 km stream and on its way it collects the water of a few small springs. Because it flows all year round, a rich green and surprisingly thick stream flora flourishes on its banks (but of course during spring there is more water).

Map of the area:

Nahal haShofet

A 2 km trail along the stream has been made accessible to the disabled and it is also suitable for baby carriages. And we’ve made that 2km route.

It’s a relatively small Nature Reserve, but rich in nature, landscape and heritage. In it you will find a small waterfall and remains of a gristmill.

Rich dense flora:

Arrival is through road #672.
Nahal haShofet
Overall Nahal haShofet a nice short route, especially if you have a baby in a carriage. And spring is the recommended visiting season.

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