cinemagraph בצילום עיצוב פנים

Cinemagraph – introduction

Previously I wrote about Cinemagraph and presented some examples. Briefly Cinemagraph this picture with motion. Tanoa repeats itself and so it is possible to screen a short video loop, and get endless film without jumps.

Detailed information can be found on Cinemagraph post: Cinemagraphs – Photos with Motion.

The first examples were made for this post Mordechai era.

Cinemagraph benefits of

After seeing an example and understand what it raises the question of what the benefits of Cinemagraph and when you should use it.
First Cinemagraph is not something new. Many international companies use them, for example:Panasonic, Macy’s, IKEA, Netflix, Disney, Prada, Coca Cola and others. Second. Even social platforms such as Facebook are arranged together because they convey a video loop.
Is Cinemagraph better than a regular photo? Microsoft has done a pilot and discovered approximately 100% increase in the rate of involvement in advertisements on Facebook and Twitter (source). Here is another example of a Cinemagraph produced according to 5.6 Clicks than standard photo.

That is Cinemagraph give significant results better advertising and promotion. But you can use Cinemagraph not just social media and advertising, But also sites and even email. The only difference is in. Social Media currently does not support animated gif, So bring regular videos (Such as mpeg). What you see in my animated gif this site.
Numerous examples:

Note: All Entries photography interior design and architecture can be seen under הקטגוריה של צילום אדריכלי ועיצוב פנים.
Information on pricing can be found in a post “כמה עולה צילום עיצוב פנים?”
This is today. I'd love to know what you think? Is love? Do you think it's better displays? Please leave a comment below.


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