Last week Israel Design Week (Official site) Booth 1 Gardens of Tel Aviv dating. We visited there below my impressions and photos.
Israel Design Week was open to the public, But it was necessary to register. Personal Information (Name, Phone and Mail) For an entrance ticket.

Visiting Israeli design week

Entrance pavilion 1:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -1
The visit to Israel Design Week exhibition started Caesar Stone. Among other things, there was a display of marble slabs:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -2
Services in one corner views:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -3
Nostalgic cuisines from La Cucina:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -4
That Ariel:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -5
Air liked:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -6
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -7
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -8
Corner Nursery:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -9
Beyond the designs and raw material suppliers, There was also a seating Artists and Galleries. And one of the exhibitors:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -10
As shown in the drawings were made using a special technique or depart closely then you can see that the work is not flat (The ends of the points sticking out):
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -11
Many exhibitions in Israel called Trade, But actually trying to sell. That is the experience is like having relevant stores. As was the Israeli Design Week. This is a collection of shops under one roof. Instead ability to place orders / Buy Anything:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -12
A modular and colorful landscaping:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -13
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -14
Although it looks like a tree, But this practice is that:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -15
As I wrote weekly Israeli design entry is free. That is, To the best of my understanding, Exhibitors (Shops, Galleries, designers) Pay to the organizers to participate in a week of Israeli design. And since all displays paid quite a bit, He wants to see investment value. Everyone understands best sold in mainstream (By definition mainstream it has the most potential customers). Therefore everyone present mainstream. But fireplaces country? Maybe I'm not aware there is a strong demand for stoves and fireplaces:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -16
Foundation Stone presents pillars built of old stones collected from trenches.
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -17
The performance demonstrates the Plasterboard four different types of rocks and how they transfer heat. The idea seems to show the best insulator Itung. I did not feel the difference. The seller said he had to go back for another hour and then we will feel the difference.
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -18
Exhibit mattresses actually liked the TV. TV was concave so see the picture from anywhere in bed.
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -19
Another thing that surprised me is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating not himself, This is something that for many years. These fact that a number of the exhibitions of underfloor heating. Apparently, despite the rise in quality of life means more demand for heating. Here you can see underfloor heating was done with electricity or with water:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -20

שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -21
Ziv Kitchens presented several kitchens with all kitchen was the color controls. This white kitchen:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -22
Green Kitchen:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -23
Red Kitchen:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -24
BBQ teka with colored faucets:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -25
Here is something that I liked, Large parasol rotatable and fold it easily with one hand:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -26
Finally we got to IDdesign:
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -28
שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -29
I wonder if the coffee cups are part of the display 🙂שבוע העיצוב הישראלי 2016 -30

Design Week or Week renovate?

If I had to sum up the exhibit one word, Then the word will be disappointed. As I said it feels like to walk around the shops. We've seen innovations (And there are many in the area). We hardly saw also designs and everything, Was mainstream. There is a more appropriate exhibition: Week renovators and builders. This is a target that audience-oriented exhibition.
Do you have visited Israel Design Week? Share with us.
All Entries photography interior design and architecture can be seen under הקטגוריה של צילום אדריכלי ועיצוב פנים

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