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Today we will talk about photography Hotels. But most of the discussion is also relevant architectural photography, BB photo, Photography villas and interior photography.
Note: All Entries photography interior design and architecture can be seen under הקטגוריה של צילום אדריכלי ועיצוב פנים.
Let's start with the obvious question:

Should I hire a professional photographer?

May seem strange that I as a professional photographer raises the point, But I raise it because many owners of hotels and B & Bs think that you should pay to have professional photos. Well it depends. in what? Your audience. If it exceeds guest house 100 NIS night so customers do not expect professional interior shots. And if this nation comes at a five-star hotel, So customers will be disappointed if they see non-professional photos.
I frequently heard the phrase: "the Israelis interesting just price". Well this is partly true. Price is an important factor but not the only one. If he was single then everyone would choose the cheaper alternative.
Beyond that, Photography occupies more and more momentum in recent years. And people start noticing photos. Another point to think about is related to foreign visitors. Being knowledgeable photographers from Europe known I underwent hotels This is one of the hotel owners invest in. So do you think, According to what criteria foreign guests decide which hotel to choose?
Are photographs tell me something bad as a client? Well, It tells me who decided to save the Photographer. The question is what else are saving? About food? The toilet paper?

Different styles of photography Hotels

I'll start by saying that there is a correlation between the quality of the Stock Price. Let one of the styles in ascending order:

  • Photo with cell phones - easy to identify when a Zimmer took the room with a cell phone. Maybe he thinksQuality results, But if people easily recognize that photography is done with cell phones, So the answer is that it does not (qualitative).
    Let's start with fundamental question: Is it possible to shoot Hotels with Cell Phones. You can, But the results will not be something. Why? There are a number of reasons, Such as telephone fixed lens (not always sufficiently wide / narrow), There is not enough light in most rooms, The picture quality in low light situations much worse than a professional camera. All of these and others show that you can take with Cell Phones, But as long as I have never seen a professional job carried out with a smartphone.
  • Photographer casual - Photographer works without any equipment beyond the camera (without a tripod without illumination). I would recommend to give it up.
  • "Master Runner" - Photographer This is where Flash on Hmtzlh running between rooms. He did not spend more than a few minutes on each room. That way he finishes the job quickly, Making the labor is cheaper but mediocre quality.
    One problem is flash photography itself. Because there is not enough light inside then add lighting, But in this way does not retain the atmosphere of the room. You will not see the lights on the room, These flash.
    This form is more common in photography apartments want to get a reasonable result and cheap. And less suitable for hotels.
  • "Photographer slow" - this type of photographers working slowly. The camera is on a tripod what their rate. But there are advantages slow pace. The photographer will be enough to pay attention to details in the room and if necessary, fix them. For example, if a room is a menu or a page with information about the hotel, The hotel's logo should be directed to the camera.
    This form of work, One room can take half an hour or more. Not only because the tripod and these details because you do multiple exposures (each scene photographed several times whether to HDR or flash lighting gives emphasis to different parts of the room).
    To achieve the best results, But this way of working requires a lot of investment. Not only during shooting, Both retouching performed after that.

How to recognize a professional photographer hotels

  • Would prefer to work at sunset - at sunset and sunrise sun angle is low and therefore the best lighting. This is true not only when shooting outdoors, Both when filming in the hotel (unless no windows). One can get good results even at other times of the day, But they will always be better during sunset.
  • Straight lines - photo hotels usually performed with a wide lens, This is not only to fill the whole world, but also to make the room look bigger. But the problem has wide lenses, They distorted the picture (especially if not used correctly). so, Many pictures can be seen uneven surfaces (in reality they do straight) or walls get closer together as you walk up (truncated triangle becomes parallel). so, Once you start dancing straight lines, There is a problem.
  • Inside and out - the ability of today's most advanced cameras, Do not approach the capabilities of our eyes. When we stand in the room, We see the interior and the exterior. The dynamic range of smaller cameras. If you take only see the face or just the street.
    so, For photographers begin to see the room but everything beyond the window will be white finished. but, It is not necessary mark. There is an exception when professional photographers prefer not to see anything out the window. And that's when detracts from the room view.
  • Testing the limits - so orderly picture something that edge photography. I used the word neat because there are photographers moving the furniture for better composition.
    If a prominent corner chair or table that contributes photography, So it just detracts.
    In this section I will refer to the ultimate destiny of images. For example, I came across cases where the photographer did a good job, but then the images were transferred to the site designer. The designer used a template with room for panoramic shots. And therefore had to trim all images. What made them less good (suddenly began to stand out furniture from the bottom of the image). So if you do not observe the Height / width ratio original, Inform the photographer.
  • Retouching - to get the maximum must be retouched. Find out if the photographer does processing the image or provides them directly from the camera. Anyway, If it comes in "photographer slow" (as my thesis Above) must retouched to merge different exposures.

Photo Hotel as a marketing tool

Eventually you have to remember that photography Hotels is part of the marketing process and goal of these images is not bringing customers. Room photo is something that everyone on your site to check. But it can be done beyond. For example, aerial photography, Photographic detail to be a portrait of marketing materials (for example, menu background image or greeting).

It is also possible to go further, To bring people to the site to begin with. Not long ago I saw one of the major hotels in Tel Aviv made such video time-lapse Showing the view from the room. If you have a beautiful view, Why not show it? You can do a series of photos or a video called "wake up next to this view". Want to go further, please, What aboutCinemagraphs?

I hope the hotel photo of this post I answered some of your questions. If you have further questions, You are welcome to contact us or leave a comment. And, You can also hire the services. You can contact me at-hi@israel-in-photos.com

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