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Today we compare three common techniques of photography Interior Lighting: Photo with natural light, Photography with lighting (such as: Flashes) HDR photography.
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Note: All Entries photography interior design and architecture can be seen under הקטגוריה של צילום אדריכלי ועיצוב פנים.
Lighting techniques each have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, photography interior with natural light (Ie without the addition of special lighting such as flashlights) Is the most simple, but not always give the best results. Flash photography is more complicated, but in my opinion is the best results in most cases, so it is also my favorite technique. HDR photography simple execution but requires more processing time and the result is a matter of taste.

Comparative form

Before we begin to see and compare examples mention that all photos retouched the same basis. The only difference retouching is the white balance. This is because when added Flashes with white balance of 5500K it affects the color of light in the room. So I've adapted to the colors are the same pictures.
Also when I did, and I merged HDR processing of three different exposures chose the option of Exposure Fusion to get a more realistic result as the heavy look of HDR.
The last thing I should note is that the interior shots with the flash passed to customers. So they moved further processing in Photoshop. for example: TV's reflection treatment (For further details see the postהשתקפויות בצילום עיצוב פנים) And reducing unwanted elements (Sprinklers, Fire sensors, Telephone cables and other electrical and).

First Example

Let us begin to see examples of the architect for the project filmedMordechai era:

צילום עיצוב פנים עם תאורה טבעית
Photo interior with natural light

We got a pretty good result. Since this is a frame window and natural light burnt. And here's the kitchen photo with flash:

צילום עיצוב פנים עם פלאש
Interior photo with flash

When I talk about flash photography, My intention is not a situation where flash illuminates the room alone. Those using flash as a fill flash. In other words we have a fusion of flash and natural light. In this mode the window is still burning and the photography you see above I merged with another exposure so see outside the window.
In this case, the difference between the photo with natural light and flash not great. If we look at the ceiling and kitchen cabinets close to us (Or the edge of the frame) They seem brighter. Also we can see the shadow chairs weaker left. That is a cleaner appearance and lighter and this common style interior design photography.
Here is a photo of the kitchen HDR technique:

צילום עיצוב פנים - HDR
Interior photo – HDR

We get a photo with contrast (contrast) Much stronger. Spotlights the wall and their reflections much stronger. Also if we look at the black chair we see many more nuances of light. But because of them seem dirty chair. therefore, In my opinion, HDR less suitable in this case.

Example #

Let's look at another example. This time I did for photography Apartment interior designerVicki Kravtsov:

צילום עיצוב פנים עם תאורה טבעית
Photo interior with natural light

And here is the living room when we added a fill flash directed at the ceiling:

צילום עיצוב פנים עם פלאש
Interior photo with flash

Flash photography with the lighting of the ceiling is much more uniform and less bright carpet (Since flash is directed to the ceiling illuminated furniture than carpet) And we get a more balanced appearance. But there's much more important difference was not the first example can be seen. Kitchen first sample when there were almost no colors but this salon more colorful. If we look at the sofa which is close to us seem slightly different colors. The color of the sofa flash photography is what happened in reality. Flash is like daylight color lamp illuminates the room. Natural light is reflected from the things in the room (Red Carpet, Wall in different colors, etc.) And therefore it affects the color of light. Although the difference is not big here, But if we look at a more colorful room or a room where there are multiple fixtures with different color temperature, Color difference was much stronger. This is the main reason why I prefer to add Flashes, Only in this way we get the true colors.
And move the salon photography HDR technique:

צילום עיצוב פנים - HDR
Interior photo – HDR

We see a greater dynamic range. You can see more details in lighting. But I do not like the look of the ceiling and color accuracy Island. Beyond that, Some would say it's a cool look. Well that depends on taste and what are going to do with photography.

Physical limitations

The last thing to note regarding interior design photography lighting is not always possible to perform all the techniques and sometimes there is no choice. For example, if you take a very large space or a commercial building from the outside, You will not be able to enlighten him with flashlights or other light fixture. Beyond that with you shoot objects with traffic, For example an office with employees or commercial building with car traffic will not be able to perform HDR (Or at least make it more difficult movement must create HDR).

So what photography lighting Interior pick?

As I said it's a matter of taste. If you are looking for a more artistic look, So you can try HDR. If you are looking for a more professional appearance and photographs that convey the true colors then need to use lighting equipment. And if you have no lighting equipment and still want results that reflect the reality then left the option of natural lighting. Just need to pay attention to the nuances of all the bulbs in space. In most cases, you'll have little choice but to shut down everyone to get more accurate colors.

I hope that the issue of lighting in photography interior design has become clearer if you have any questions or comments you can contact me by e-mail to:[email protected] Or leave a comment below.

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