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Horvat Midras Ruins Trail

Did you know there are pyramids not only in Egypt but Israel as well? Today we are going for a hike at Midras Ruins. This short round trail…

Visiting Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem in Israel

Visiting Bloomfield Science Museum In Jerusalem

During Sukkot vacation, we decided to visit Bloomfield Science Museum (official site) in Jerusalem. There are standard reasons for visiting such museums. Like kids on vacation and learning…

Weekend In Jerusalem

My wife loves Jerusalem in winter. According to her, it is gleaming with its true colors. Moreover, it is not too hot and since we both have our…

Arbel Nature Reserve And National Park

Arbel Nature Reserve And National Park (official site) is located on Mount Arbel near Tiberias. Arbel offers both stunning views and a glimpse of history. Map of the…

Hanukkah Tour in Jerusalem

In recent years Hanukkah Tour in Jerusalem became popular. While in 2016, there was one type of Hanukkah Tour, in 2017 there were already four different tour types….

Visiting Parrot Farm In Kfar Hess

Parrot Farm (official site) is a nice and a colorful attraction in Kfar Hess, at Sharon area. Map of the area: <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow:…

TLV Fashion Mall (8 of 18)

Tel Aviv Walks #10 – TLV Fashion Mall

Recently a new concept mall opened in Tel Aviv. I am speaking, of course, about TLV Fashion Mall. Thus, on a Friday morning, my wife dragged me with her….

Visiting Tel Aviv Port Market, Israel

New Markets Of Tel Aviv

I already wrote about the “old” Markets In Tel Aviv. They are Carmel Market, Nachlat Binyamin Market, HaTikva Market, and Levinsky Market. Why did I call them “old”? Just…

River Kayaking in Northern Israel

Weekend In Northern Israel

During August of 2017, we went for a Weekend In Northern Israel. This was a  three-day family getaway. Hopefully, this post will give you ideas for possible activities…

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