Recently I ran into a post photographer fat interiors interior design photography tips better.. One of the tips was to turn off all the lights in the House and take pictures with natural light only.. On the other hand told me about photographers who like to light up all the lights. So what should?

Note: All posts on interior design and architectural photography photography can be seen belowהקטגוריה של צילום אדריכלי ועיצוב פנים.

The purpose of Interior design photography

Before you begin filming should realize what the ultimate goal. And derivative form of objective photography. I get two examples to clarify the whole thing.. I have seen tutorials for international photographer specializing in photography hotels. His attitude to photography is creative hotels.  That is not a matter for the real color and item was red., In photography it can be bright red, Almost similar to pink or purple.. All he cares about is that Robin had cause and a room in the same hotel. To this nation., Most Interior photographers are using outdoor lighting (Stidio light flashes or) To get true colors. If the architect or designer to select specific colors, They have important.

Why do I mention it when we talk about interior design photography – With or without light.? The purpose of the photo has several effects.. If we want real colors and use outdoor lighting, Photographic lighting so as to be stronger., So the effect of the light in the room will be smaller. If women so very strong lighting of lamps would be negligible.. Furthermore should take into account that different lanorot has a different range (More yellow or blue.). Therefore, If we burn a few lighting fixtures, We can have a situation where for example some yellowish and greenish or other space blue.

Why have outdoor lighting to get true colors? Information and comparisons between lighting techniques can be found in: השוואת טכניקות תאורה בצילום עיצוב פנים.

Interior design photography – With or without light.

I recently took a villa for ETI alfasi And I will use this photo examples. So let's get started..
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אורThis luminous corner when all the House lights off (All photos made with Flash).

And now with side lights are on.:
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אור
Central lighting into:
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אור
Main lighting with side lighting:
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אורWhich photo you prefer?

Let's see another example.. Kitchen time with overhead.
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אור
No kitchen lighting:
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אור
And the kitchen with backlighting.:
צילום עיצוב פנים - עם או בלי אור
And what time do you prefer Voss photography?


The first conclusion is that we must decide at the time of the photography.. You can make several variations and choose later.. On a computer screen it may look different. .

In General, The human eye is attracted to the bright, sharp parts of the image. If you don't want to pay attention to something, So turn out the light in this area.. And vice versa, If you highlight a particular area., Then turn on the light..

In addition, If you're trying to hit a particular style so you should consider it.. For example, Nordic-style turn any home lighting and dimming the color. So get in fast with no strong colors.

And beyond everything., It depends on personal taste. Go with what you love.

I hope this post about interior design photography – With or without light helped you and if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me by email Or leave a comment below.

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