How much does interior design photography cost? Of course the answer is: “Depends”, But to explain the ear I usually price range property photography/Designer is architect 500-3500 Q:”H..
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The considerations for determining the price Photo

The range is wide enough, so let's try to focus and figure out what you are looking for and how it is expected to cost.
Start with one leg price theory: The price of the product/service is determined by”By cost and how much the consumer is willing to pay.. In most cases, the price will be greater than upload (That is, the cost is less than the minimum price.) And gets the same price a consumer is willing to pay..
The first question is how the consumer, In our case the architect or designer, Willing to pay.. This amount greatly varies according to the previous experience of the consumer.. For example, an architect who had to pay around 1000 that”The photo property, And when I told her the price of 500 Q:”Report is thought it was someone not serious. On the other hand, I have had clients that 450 s.”Khan was their ceiling. Why? Because the previous recording. 400 Q:”H.. That is prepared to pay will depend on your experience and how you like the work of a photographer..

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Move on to the question of cost: What are the costs of Interior design photography? Divide the costs in half.: Fixed costs and costs vary. In fixed costs has all those standard costs exist for any business. With these costs photographer feature: Photographic equipment, Retouching and editing software, Computers, Car, Parking, Rent, Marketing, Accountant etc.. And costs which include the same things you need to complete a specific project., Such: Labour and manpower.
Letting price range refers to the only photographer. If you want more people, Such: Model or design, Work on the project is probably close to the upper limit or overstep your bounds from..

What affects price interior design photography?

Due to the fixed costs that put above the base price starts usually at 500 s.”H.. The Canal cost? Well it depends on the work you are doing and photographer your requests. I describe my work process to understand the other side.. Photo of an asset usually takes me a couple of hours. – Three + The time of the trip + Time ריטוש. How long does it take for retouching? Depending on the property., But it usually takes half a day.. Why so many? The basic retouching (Color, Contrast, Image alignment …) Is relatively quick.. But then there are specific amendments to each image. For example to start off as a capacitor electricity/telephone, Inverters, Sprinklers, In treatmentsהשתקפויות, Repair of burned and bulbsמיזוג של מספר חשיפות One and other fixes. I mean maybe think photographer was only two hours., But in practice it hours. + Tour hours + 4-8 Hours retouching – FS”About 8-12 Hours of work (On average). The result of an asset is often 50-100 Photographs with photographs and details of rooms. It's clear to me that allow them to choose 10 That's what winning images go to social media/Web site. But I'd rather give more. Why? I think a good image, It's not always what the customer likes. Beyond that., Not all pictures are going to be shown on the site. For example, images of saved storage space and a private catalog when you need to view a prospective customer to choose the internal structure of the cabinet.
For me the biggest time reinvestment retouching. It also depends on the asset and finishing (Standard I do retouching is full). So the question is what you are looking for and calling the shots? Do you want the best photos? Or don't care if they see power cables, Conditioners, The walls and cabinets not very clean, etc.? It depends on how your customers eye wash.
Should note that there are always exceptions.. For example: A lower price may be a client with a lot of invitations or the photographer looking to expand its clientele. On the other hand can be a higher price if the photographer has a load.
The last touch point is the relationship between price and quality. In many cases a link, But it is not always linear and straightforward attitude. For example, a wedding photographer takes 12,000 Q:”Not necessarily provide better result photographer height 6,000 Q:”And the photos don't seem to be twice as good..

Price list

After I went through all the main points of Interior design photography., I post my list:

Type of photo Price
Photo apartment for rent/sale or Airbnb 700
Photo for rent/sale or Airbnb 750
Photo designer apartment, architect 850
Villa photo or bunk apartment (Roof) The designer/architect 1000
Half day photos (Until 4 Hours) – Can adjust when there are two small adjacent properties 1200
Day photos (Until 8 Hours) 2000


  1. Add a watermark upon request:
    1. The watermark file is ready and can be added as. Usually png format or any other format that supports transparent background color – 50.
    2. The file needs editing, Such as format conversion and the conversion of a certain color to transparent – 100.


1. The prices refer to the Center (First – Hadera). Assets in other areas will be extra travel.
2. Prices include VAT”From.
3. Payment is due at the end of the photo. Payment may be made in cash or by”By chick. At that time the customer receives an invoice.
4. Within a week of filming files uploaded to the server and send a download link by email. All photos are uploaded in two sizes: Original size (Large files) Deprecated files (Up to 750KB). Restores minimized files are useful for social media websites and large files are designed for large prints.
5. If restrictions, Can send an email with the file name of the photograph and the desired change.
6. Under the law, intellectual property rights belong to the photographer.. Thus it is possible to use some of the footage.. Sometimes I choose some photos toפורטפוליו Or social media to display my work..
7. Please do not contact us and begin to negotiate if you are willing to pay only half of the amount listed above.

I hope I added some insights into the question of how much does interior design photography and if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me by email Or leave a comment below.

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